Saturday, October 9, 2010

Key Biscayne View From The Top

We travel a lot & it gives me a chance to put my camera to work. Lighthouses are some of my favorites, but I'll save most of those pics for later. This one is from Key Biscayne, a beautiful little key off of Miami Beach. We climbed these stairs on a blistering hot day, but the view was worth it. Fortunately, there are only half as many steps here as the one in St Augustine.  

The lighthouse leans a little, like that famous building in Italy. Not the photographer's fault! 

I like how the beach curves here. The pictures from the opposite side had too many people in the frame - reminded me of the Jersey shore. Empty is better.

People live in these little huts. Wouldn't want to ride out a hurricane here.

I like centering most shots, but sometimes lining things up to one side gives a better perspective. The centered shot (deleted) interrupted the nice background & was all tree trunk. This one seemed to grab all the important stuff. I'll post a bunch of pictures of palm trees (& coconuts) later.

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