Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Secret Garden

Hellooooooo......... (cyber-echo) ......

My facination with fauxtography started a few months after moving to Florida & 5 years & 4 cameras later, decided to create a blog & post some things online .... just for fun. Since I'm not a professional, I use the term fauxtography on purpose. As time goes along, (& depending on what kind of comments are posted - Hah!) I'll add more posts & pics of places where I've visited, cool wildlife, high rise buildings, beaches, quaint little towns, clouds & even some people. Maybe I'll make suggestions about the best places to visit in the Sunshine State. For this post, I'll use pictures of stuff taken from VERY close to home - my garden.

Welcome to my humble blog.

I get a lot of shots like these without ever leaving my yard .....

........or my front porch......

..... or the front walkway....

..... or the side yard near the property line. (Say Hi to 'Maggie', pictured above - that's what I call her.)



  1. Nice pics, nice blog. It's about time you posted some of your stuff. Good job kid.

  2. Welcome to Bloggerland, Deb!
    Beautiful! Looking forward to your future posts.

  3. those are beautiful!! i love the one on your walk way with the water droplets...looking forward to seeing more~!

  4. Thanx everyone for checking out my new blog. JaxPop nagged me into it. I'm still working on the layout. I'm a newbie!!

  5. Deb, this is fantastic. I'm glad you have been coaxed into blogging, I love it, it's fun. I was told by a friend, that blogging is a great way to get exposure for our artwork. So, good for you! Keep blogging, I'm looking forward to the next post. BTW, I'll add you as a link on my blog.
    The Desert Southwest Artist

  6. Welcome to the blogging world! I'm glad Dave convinced you to share your photos... they're wonderful! Keep 'em coming. Maggie is especially gorgeous. Do you suppose Dave would chew me out if I became a follower? ;)

    Carol Garvin

  7. Deb, your photos are awesome! What a talent. What a gardener. I need your expertise! Happy blogging.

  8. Thanks Arlene. This is scary / fun. I added links to your blogs on mine.

    Hi Carol & Joylene - Glad you like my pics. I feel like I know both of you from reading Dave's blog. Can only imagine what kind of off the wall comments he leaves on your blogs! He's funny & makes me laugh all the time. Carol, Old Pegleg won't get upset if you follow - he just teases. Will post something new after I go back to Ft Lauderdale Sunday night. Thanks again.

  9. These photos are incredible! i especially love the flowers, beaches, and lighthouse pics. how can i buy one? seriously would look great in my pennsylvania office around about january. would you be willing to display/sell some photos at an upcoming event i am promoting?