Sunday, March 6, 2011

Island Spirits

It has been a long time since I posted anything. On Saturday we drove to the Keys for a quick visit. They're about an hour or so from where we're staying in Las Olas. It was breezy & a bit overcast, but we had fun.
As usual, we stopped at Islamorada Fish Company for shrimp, oysters & a bit of reggae.

I love the view of all of the islands & the crystal clear water.  

I like to watch the kite boarders

or surfers

but I think they're better back home in St Augustine - bigger waves
I still like my wildlife. Especially ... 


Lots of cool trips planned & I'll have my cameras ready.


  1. Wow, great pics - I sure do miss the ocean!

  2. Nice pics. Heard you were hangin' out down there with some hot lookin' guy.

  3. Beautiful and I love seeing places I've never been. Looks like you had a fine weekend!
    You're doing better blogging than I am!