Friday, November 18, 2011


Working out some kinks with a new camera set up so I chased around some 'things with wings'. Can't wait to post some pics of my newest winged friend IZZY - a tiny blue Parrotlet that Dave brought home for me last night.
Stay tuned. 

My favorite color is ..... white

Male hummingbird - this shot took forever to get. A looong chase.

The female was much easier


  1. Great shots! What is a parrotlet? Or do I have to wait? - Arlene

  2. She's my new lil' friend. A mini parrot, about 4 inches long. When she gets older (only 2 & 1/2 months old now) she will be able to learn to talk & do tricks. Will post pics soon when all her feathers come in. She's a sweetie already! XO

  3. Great photos, Deb! I love hummingbirds so am particularly attracted to those two shots, but they're all wonderful!

    Carol Garvin

  4. Thanks, Carol,
    Those were hard to catch. Lol they are fast little buggers. I have a few good shots in flight but I'm saving them for later.

  5. I was on Google a lttle while ago looking for a place to pick up some hot wings & this post popped up. Nice pics n' all that but where's a good take out joint around here for wings?

  6. Beautiful, Deb. I so admire your steady hands and patience! Looking forward to more hummer pics, but I'm always stopped in my tracks by that stunning peacock shot. Dave's hungry.